Wall Mounted Stemware Rack Decor

Great Wall Mounted Stemware Rack Ideas

Wall mounted stemware rack – Storing drinks can be a problem. Put it in a storage box and stay in the back of the pantry until vacation. Put it in a closet with the other glasses and it’s easy to hit it over and break. You can build blankets general cups of wine glasses and other stems are used frequently to keep on hand, or build a shelf to hold a set of glasses that you can not use often, but want to show. Find a good place for the stemware rack. Find a good place for the grid. Ideally, the frame should be handy to use, but in a place where you will not put your glasses in jeopardy. If you do not have open cabinets or unused transfer space, you can build a wall shelf.

Find a place to place it close to where glassware will be used, but out of the way of doors and areas of activity open racks are especially vulnerable. Design your rack. The design of your wall mounted stemware rack frame. Racks can be manufactured using 1 by 2-inch to 1 by 4-inch pieces of wood, trimmed and finished to the liking of the owner, or can be assembled using wood or metal kit parts purchased at your local store or wine store. Whatever design you choose, assemble all the parts you need beforehand or make sure the kit is complete. Make sure you use materials and carpentry materials like screws that are strong enough to support the weight of the glassware you are putting on your shelf.

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Pre-fabricate wall mounted stemware rack parts and pre-finish any parts that will need to be painted or stained and varnished. 3-piece pre-fabricated and pre-finished parts that will need to be painted and varnished. Cutters (the rails that hold the glasses) to the appropriate lengths and provide details before riding the runners. Use a router to cut 1/2 deep slots or recesses on the sides of the runners so they can be mounted directly on the bottom of the platform. Sand and seal the ends of the wood so they take the same depth of color as the other surfaces. If you are using adjustable metal rails.

Plan a channel about 3 inches wide and 1/2-inch deep for your stem bases to slide along. Plan a channel approximately 3 inches wide and 1/2-inch deep for your stem bases to slide along. Place the rails with about 2 inches between them for stems to easily fit between them. A deeper channel may be needed for more robust glassware, such as Pilsner goggles, but very few stems have a diameter greater than 2 inches. Exterior detail of the rail edges with a router if you want a more finished look. Lightly sand and finish all wood before assembling. Turn a set of rails with some nails without a head to see if it has spaced well. The nail holes can be used as guide holes for final assembly.

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