Types Of Metal Garage Cabinets

Awesome Design Metal Garage Cabinets

Metal garage cabinets are an item so many people do not consider when they think of adding a garage or fixing up an old one. Having fix or movable storage space can make your previous parking space use-able again. Not sure what type you would need? Just think of the items you have store on the floor and up against the wall. This will give you an idea on how much storage space you need. You’ll need a tall, vertical unit for baseball bats, skis, shovel, and such. You’ll also need a smaller unit for gardening tools, small hand tools, and the electric drill. Let’s look at the different grades of metal used in the making of garage cabinets.

Nearly every brand of metal garage cabinets units is made of three types of steel: aluminum, mid-grade steel, and high-grade steel. Each of these types of metal offers you something slightly different. Metal garage cabinets aluminum, this metal is use primarily for indoor storage, mostly because it is such a lightweight material. It is resistant to rust, has durability, and can be paint in many different colors. Most finishes are anodize. Which means to coat the metal with a protective oxide by making the metal an anode of an electrolytic cell. It is important to note that aluminum is a soft metal and will not protect from scratches and dents.

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Custom metal garage cabinets aluminum and mid-grade steel, This mid-grade steel is found in storage components that you find at your local department store. These elements can be quite affordable and are readily available. Most of these units will have a powder coat finish. While decorative and functional, most of these items are single wall construction types, meaning you only get one sheet of steel per wall. Metal garage cabinets aluminum and mid-grade or high-grade steel. The quality of steel will probably be the highest grade of metal you can find. The companies who use this steel pull out all the stops when building their units. Most will use a powder coat finish, double wall steel construction, and heavy duty hardware and hinges.

Your local custom metal garage cabinets aluminum and mid-grade steel shop or a carpenter will be the source for these. The beauty of using a local shop is that you can have exactly what you want-a completely custom system built to your exact specifications. You can also choose which metal you want, as well as the finish, whether it be natural, stain, paint, or melamine.

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