Tips Install Hanging Lights That Plug In

Hanging Lights That Plug In Simple

We are going to review the components that are necessary to be able to manufacture hanging lights that plug in on which to install light bulbs in suspension. The first piece we need is the flower that is the part that serves as an anchor to the wall or ceiling. Which in addition to supporting the lamp will cover the connection of the cable of our lamp to the cables of light that we have. This support can be circular rectangular, square or any way imaginable, acts as a cover to cover the connections to the light wires of our lamp. So if you want to install several light bulbs it is better to choose models with very small or very small diameters.

Plans to avoid problems in covering the clamp for the electrical connections, this support is anchored to a metal plate usually with two screws; this metal plate is the one that must be installed previously in the ceiling or wall. The florons are manufacture in a lot of shapes, circular, rectangular and square are usually the most common. And the finishes in metal or paint are adapting to any decoration. Are make in bronze to create designs of pendant hanging lights that plug in more cutting classic, in shiny steel, in rust brown, white, black, brass. The cables can be of any type and design, in cotton, in the thread in silk, transparent. The important thing is that they do not exceed the 10 millimeters of diameter since the metric thread that is use in lampisteria is of 10M.

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With respect to the materials and finishes. As long as they comply with the regulations you can choose the one that you like. Now we only have to choose the bush hanging lights that plug in and the bulb. The bushings are manufacture in countless models, from classic designs, modern, vintage, brass or porcelain, metal, plastic, bakelite, … the cables are connect to the cap. As there is no polarity exists the same connect the copper interior wires of the cable on one side and the other on the other of the neutral and phase.

We already have our pendant almost finished, just choose the light bulb we want to install. Because it is an Edison 27 bushing we can choose any that suits this bush; Low-energy, halogen-based, LED-lightbulbs with carbon filament or incandescent, all are suitable for hanging in the pendant. You can use the light bulb of your old hanging lights that plug in on your new pendant unless you want to take advantage of this time to replace it with a bulb that is more efficient.

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