Outdoor Stainless Steel Tables

Stainless Steel Tables Bar

Homework is done outdoors and indoors. This means that you should have products strictly made for outdoor activities. Furniture is an area of ​​products that you can build yourself. An outdoor stainless steel tables is perfect for eating on the patio or working on a scientific project with your children.


Place the blocks on a work table. Cut a “V” in the middle of each with a band saw (or jigsaw). Place the blocks on the stainless steel tables set so that “V” is facing upwards. Use two blocks for each bar clamp. Apply glue on the edges of two-of-six-of-96-inch timber. Move together so an edge with glue on it is next to an edge without glue. Tighten bar clamps and clean up excessive glue immediately with a damp cloth. For exact drying time, see the label on the adhesive container. This is the outdoor table top. Measure and cut four 2-by-4s to 33 inches in length. Place them on their 1½ inch edge. Drill four recessed holes halfway through so the three-inch tire screws will penetrate the lower side of the upper.

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Remove the sword clamps from working as you glued in Step 2. Scrape excess glue that has dried with a spackle. Sand outdoor stainless steel tables top with a tape slip as needed. Be careful not to cross the grain. Place the table top on the desk upside down. Apply glue on the lower edge of four 2-of-4s from Step 3. Place two of them 2 inches from the ends of the outdoor table top and space the remaining pieces evenly. Attach them with the 3-inch tire screws. Be careful not to allow the screw to puncture the top of the table outdoors.

Set electrical saw saws at a 45 degree angle. Cut four 2-by-4s at this angle with a finished measurement of 48 inches. Mark the center of each and drill a hole with 3/16-inch drill. Insert a backing bolt through two of the 2-for-4s and tighten them until they are tight. Repeat this for the remaining two. Place the unit from the previous step on each end of the outdoor stainless steel tables design. Attach them to the inside of 2-of-4 at the ends of the table with tire screws. Make sure they are at the same distance from the long edge of the outdoor table top.

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Tips and warnings

Add an umbrella to the center of the stainless steel tables to dress and shade. Seal the table with a wood protector product intended for this purpose. Do not leave power tools without supervision in the presence of children. Paint outdoor tables with a high quality outer color is an alternative to water sealer.

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