Multi Purpose Furniture To Gain Space

Multi Purpose Furniture Bedroom

We live in small houses, or at least more than we would like. And the budget is the same: you have to devise ingenious solutions to achieve our goals in terms of style, decoration, or simply, space. One of the most original answers (and practices) we have in multi purpose furniture, which will help us the organization that every home needs. Nest Tables are a classic of design. You can find them in different qualities and prices, colors and materials. There are also those who reinvent them, places them wheels and in the underneath puts a drawer. And who says tables nest, says stackable stools. The concept is similar, and let’s not forget that stools can have multiple uses, even as aids ( and aesthetic ) tables. Thus, we optimize space at affordable prices.

Sofa beds: Okay, they exist since we do not know when and are not any vanguard. But they solve situations like nothing and, being popular furniture, which they like in many homes, the designers are perfecting them. Again, there are many qualities and designs of multi purpose furniture (there are even chaise longue, or the simplest, (beds with cushions), although the most practical and aesthetic may be those that extend as books. One of the contemporary dreams has come true: the kitchens proliferate in a single module, almost like the Ikea children’s toys, which can be place anywhere in the house, or the office!

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These kitchens include all minis: refrigerators, storage, fires … Some are modern, classic, playful, serious, and some are so closed that with everything covered, neither seem kitchens! Another classic that solves big problems of space (and budget) especially in small flats. Although to us all they come well. The most famous are the container beds. But there are also stools and coffee tables with an amazing ability to store inside, in designs from simpler to more sophisticated.

If you need to separate spaces, a screen is a nice and economic multi purpose furniture solution. Which you can also move as you need. A shelf and different visual elements (plants, curtains type estor) are other good allies, easy to use and affordable. For spaces that we want to make the most of, a good solution is the raised beds. Above, we sleep; underneath we install our mini space or even a dressing room, as proposed by these architects of Barcelona. IKEA popularized the idea also in children’s version all in one.

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