Looks Elegant Leather Headboard King

Black Leather Headboard King

Do you want to renovate your room and are you looking for headboards? No doubt, you will find a lot of ideas with which to give another air to the bedroom, my proposal are the headboards. It’s a trend that came in strong a few years ago and keeps striking. Dark wood structure and frontal brown leather headboard king. A very versatile bed that is the same for a sober room as for a more eclectic space. In this case has been chosen the combination of green and brown tones for a serene elegance. One of my favorites, in fact I have to confess that this head of white skin is the one I have in my house.

I fell in love with him two years ago and did not stop until I got him. A good idea for this room, thanks to the white headboard, bedding and curtains you get a feeling of greater breadth .If yours is not conventional, then perhaps you prefer something different like the proposal of this image. Leather headboard formed by four large panels in brown color. Back at 70 with a touch of renewal. This idea either loves you or you hate it.

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The headboard reaches almost to the ceiling and is made up of white leather headboard king squares, hanging lamps, fan lamp and curtains that look like copied from a hotel. Here we find a bit of everything. I like the headboard and the idea of combining the dark tone with the white and the red because it is manage to reduce the sobriety. However, I think it has not been achieve because the space is too heavy. The next bedroom is for a very determine audience, the one who likes the traditional and classic spaces. The room is dominate by a large bed with a dark brown head, predominant color.

Modern design, but with some old reminiscence, this is the proposal of this bedroom. The structure of the bed and the headboard in leather provide the sober touch. Then lamps with the screens line with the same fabric as the curtains, the modern air while the ceiling lamps. And the forge tables carry us to times gone by. A room that seems to be locate in the same sky, white and cream for each and every one of the elements . A space that transmits calm, but is not suitable for lovers of strong tones. Although the headboard with leather headboard king buttons I find fantastic.

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