Installing Fireplace Mantel Shelf

Fireplace Mantel Shelf Plan

Fireplace mantel shelf – The fireplace is a focal point in every room. So adding it must be done carefully because everyone will notice. Adding a mantle shelf over the fireplace will not only increase the beauty of the room. But will provide a tasteful, practical storage area. Put antiques or pictures or decorations to suit your taste on the shelf without worrying about damaging the mood of the chimney. Choose the right shelf for your home and install it yourself. Reverse control in front of a warm fire on a cold winter day is an ideal way to relax. If your fireplace has a robe that consists of three stone shelves, decorate the room to add visual interest and appeal, making this particular feature even more inviting. Stone shelves can work with any kind of room decor, from old world to modern.

Create balance when decorating the three fireplace mantel shelf stone. This number is good for balance. Use center shelf for larger things like a mirror or high frame image. Place smaller objects on the two surrounding shelves, like identical glass vases or candles, with two smaller framed images on both sides. Choose decorative items that compliment the color of the stone. Most stone colors, such as shades of gray, brown or black, work well with almost everything. Avoid items that are close to the color of the stone mantle shelves as they will blend into the room. The stone provides an ideal viewing space for displaying colorful objects that pull the eyes to the cloak shelves.

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Use the stone mantle shelves as a display space for a collection, spread it evenly across the three shelves. Small artworks, ceramic figures or any kind of collection that fits your decorative style should work. Paint fireplace mantel shelf stone if you are not a fan of color. Choose a high gloss white for a traditional coat color, or choose something out of the ordinary, like green or pink, if you have a characteristic style that you are not afraid to show.

Use the three shelves as a place to store books. Stick to books of the same size for continuity, or use as traditional bookshelves. Place matching book supports on each shelf for support. Use all three shelves or two on the outside, using the middle shelf to show something else like a series of candles. With the invention of flat screen TVs, it has become a popular choice to hang them over the fireplace. This gives your house a modern feel and it is nice to sit in front of a warm fire while you can surf. But before you put the TV in place, you have to think of some issues that might be the way.

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