Handmade Dark Cherry TV Stand

Dark Cherry TV Stand Addition

Building your own handmade dark cherry TV stand is ensuring a well-coordinated TV setup. By custom design your TV stand, you can customize this furniture to fit your room exactly. You can easily change its dimensions to fit any size screen and to match and save any number of related video devices below. Pick a specific wood, paint or bent you can perfectly match your new play to the rest of your living room or bedroom decor.


Place one of the dark cherry TV stand part 2-for-1 side edges horizontally on the work surface with the long, thin side touching the surface. Place one of the 2-for-2 support boards in parallel with the first board and on top of it, with the long wide surface to touch the first board. Arrange the boards so that the long side of the support card is level with the edge of the side tree and the two boards form a soft L shape. Repeat the previous step for the other side and support boards.

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Arrange the two sides on top of one of the shallow boards, with the outer sides of the side boards as well as the outer edge of the surface dark cherry TV stand design two-foot sides. Make sure that the part of the side card with the support card attached is touching the surface board and that the support card is facing inwards. Pre-drill four evenly distributed holes through the center of each of the exposed support cards and in the surface card.

Place the legs in the four corners of one of the 3-by-2-foot surface boards. Select the location of their screw attachments according to their specific screw holes. Punch the holes in the selected places, and then attach the legs to the corners with the supplied hardware or 1-inch wood screws. Place the lower mounted surface dark cherry TV stand the top of the assembled side rails. Line the outer edge of the side branches up with the outer edge of the bottom surface card and Pre-drill four evenly distributed holes down through the bottom surface card and into the center of the side branches. Drill a 2-inch wooden screw down through each prepared hole and into the side tree.

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Tips and warnings

Adjust the dimensions of larger televisions or more storage below. Add more shelves to the main TV surface by simply adding additional ½ inch discs separated by side boards. Paint or bet the stand to fit the interior of the room, preferably before assembly for the most consistent overall look. You can attach different couches or smaller than table legs, or you can build legs using 1-by-1-inch discs or 1-by-2-inch discs.

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