Fire Pit Glass Doors

Fire Pit Glass Awesome

Fire pit glass doors are an important part of the stove safety. The glass doors give a barrier between wood burning fires and the home. Gas cookers can be switched off, but a wood burning stove must burn out. Closing the glass doors means you can walk away from the room without worrying glow flies out and catch the carpet on fire. Most new stoves come with glass doors, but older fireplaces may not have them installed. If you are considering installing glass eat doors, it is not difficult.


Select a fire pit glass door unit. The doors are attached to a one-piece frame. Place the doors on the floor in front of you and lean on your body for stability while working. Remove the screws on the back of the device, one in each corner. Set them aside for later use. Put the clips together and screw them into the screw holes, with two of the previously removed screws, one at each upper corner. Adjust the screws on the clips, so they align perfectly with the top bar along the front, the top of the stove box. The overhead clamp has a 1 1/2 inch slot so that you can move the clamp up or down for positioning.

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Use the lower two previously removed screws to attach the L-shaped metal brackets to the lower-right glass door assembly. Place the entire fire pit glass door unit in the opening of the fireplace and place it. Use a dark black marker to mark where the screw holes meet on the floor. Remove the doors and drill 2-inch holes at both console marks. Use a 5/16 inch masonry piece and a drill motor. Hammer in each hole a leading anchor. Make sure it is the same as the ground. Lead anchor is good in bricks.

Seal the inside of the fire pit glass doors with insulation by placing strips along the channels on the top and both sides. Replace the door inside the door. Make sure the unit is level with the fireplace box and make sure there is no insulation sticking out. Secure the glass doors to the fireplace by screwing the metal screws through the bottom brackets and in the lead anchors. Tighten the screws with a socket wrench. Adjust the overlap clamps to the paragraph field. Make sure they are properly positioned and then tighten the screw with pliers to secure the doors in place.

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