How To Clean Copper Picture Frame

Copper Picture Frame Classic

When you choose to change your home decor theme or color scheme, one of the simplest conversion tasks is to paint dated table frames. Turning an old wood fiber frame to contemporary copper picture frame can make a dramatic difference in the look of your walls. Here’s how.


Remove the protection card, carpet, photo and glass window from the frame. Protect your workplace by adding a cloth, used paper, newspaper or plastic foil. Gently paint or paint the surface of the copper picture frame design to allow the new color to stick to it. Wipe the surface clean. Spray black paint and be sure to cover all exposed places. Do not forget the corners. Spray a second coat if desired. Allow to dry completely according to the color manufacturer’s instructions. Replace the glass and grille photo and backing. Then it’s clear to hang.

Tips and warnings

When choosing color, consider the finish that works best with your room interior-glossy, semi-gloss, and satin, metallic, flat, matte or structured. You can use brush-on paint instead of spray paint. This would be a good opportunity to clean the glass pan. Dirt can also build on the inside of the glass over time. Consider other colors than black. Copper picture frame set that used to belong only in the study because of their wood fiber effect can be moved to the children’s room after being remodeled in pastel or bright and bold colors.

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Make two-color or multicolored frames using target tape to define the different color areas. Silver and gold will make good highlights on black. Buy copper picture frame from dollar stores, economy stores, garage sales and sales property, and then pinpoint them by re-painting them with your favorite colors. Use paint formulated especially for metal and plastic by repainting metal and plastic frames. Allow the painted copper picture frame to dry completely to avoid sticky accidents and possible chemical effects on the photo.

Be very careful when handling the glass window.

Large framed mirrors add atmosphere to all rooms and create more light by reflecting natural and artificial lighting. The reflection makes areas look larger, giving the room visually with more space. Buying a mirror frame costs big money; however, using a picture frame on a large mirror can save on costs. Mounting a large mirror into a copper picture frame is easy with the right supplies.

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Demonstration frame. Remove cardboard, image and glass from the frame. Decorate the frame if desired. Attach shaping and give the picture frame a new layer of paint before mounting the mirror glass. Allow the paint to dry. Place the frame on a flat surface, the back of the frame upwards. Connect and heat a glue gun. Place warm glue on the outer edge of the frame, where the glass rests on the frame.

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